Euston Hall, Suffolk


Euton Estate : Land Conservation

The Estate boasts a wide range of habitats, including many of the rarest species found in the Breckland area.  Large colonies of White Admiral butterflies are to be found in Fakenham Wood, as well as the rare Stone Curlew.

The Estate attempts to farm in an environmentally sensitive way and in recent years has turned as many areas as possible into wildlife sites, with wild seed mixes being planted specifically to help wild game and song-bird populations.

Apart from different species of game bird, the estate is also home to fallow, muntjac, roe deer and transitory herds of Red Deer from the Breckland /Thetford woodland areas.  These are all carefully controlled to ensure the health of the herd and to limit the damage to the woodland in which they graze.

The Estate supports the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and the work they do to ensure the countryside stays in balance.

Photos by David Tomlinson