Euston Hall, Suffolk


Euston Estate : Game

Euston is proud of its legacy as a renowned sporting estate.  The land has been specifically designed over the centuries to ensure quality shooting for both partridge and pheasant. Careful monitoring of bloodlines is carried out at the beginning of every season to ensure a strong, high flying bird. 

The ‘Euston System’ was invented in the early 1900’s, which is a programme by which wild grey partridge eggs are incubated under bantams to ensure sufficient wild bird numbers.

Driven game shoots are available for teams of 8 or 9 guns, who typically shoot about 5-6 drives a day. We currently have three full time game keepers and shoot about 40 days a year.

The day begins with a light breakfast before the gun bus takes the participants to the first drive.  Mid-morning refreshments are included and later, lunch is served in the Hall’s Old Kitchen with produce sourced from the Estate and locally.  Tea is available late afternoon to bring the day’s proceedings to a close. 

For further information on team days, please contact Deborah Baker: